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2 out of 3 Indians drink milk laced with detergent, urea and paint

Source : 1   On   17 Mar 2016
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Union minister Harsh Vardhan said over 68% of the milk sold did not conform to standards laid down by India’s food regulator FSSAI, quoting figures from a nationwide survey conducted by the agency in 2011.
Two out of three Indians drink milk bound with cleanser, urea and paint, union minister for science and technology Harsh Vardhan told the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, underscoring the nation's battle with debasement of nourishment things by deceitful merchants. 

Vardhan said more than 68% of the milk sold did not adjust to benchmarks set around India's sustenance controller FSSAI, citing figures from an across the country review directed by the office in 2011. 

The announcement is prone to start a clamor on the planet's biggest milk maker, where the beverage is utilized for religious ceremonies and is a shoddy wellspring of protein for a large number of veggie lovers. 

A year ago, a US government report anticipated an expansion in liquid milk utilization by 5% to achieve 62.75 million metric tons in India in 2016 taking into account populace development. 

"The adulterants included are extremely unsafe, and could bring about genuine illnesses. Since milk is generally devoured in regular eating regimen, the issue is of grave concern," the clergyman said in Parliament. 

Another scanner that can distinguish corruption in milk in 40 seconds and recognize the adulterant will help in testing milk for security, he said. 

As of not long ago, a different synthetic test was required for every adulterant, which was costly and tedious. 

The first-of-its-kind innovation has been produced by the Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute in Rajasthan's Pilani town.