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Juice up! More vitamin C in your diet means lower risk of cataract

Source : 1   On   26 Mar 2016
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Whilst cataract is a natural part of ageing for many, for others it is more severe and causes blurred vision, glare and dazzle that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses.
Counting vitamin C rich products of the soil in your eating regimen can keep your eyes developing cataract, another study in twins has found. 

cataract is a typical condition in which the lens of the eye gets to be overcast as a consequence of oxidation after some time. Whilst this is a characteristic piece of maturing for some, for others it is more extreme and causes obscured vision, glare and stun that can't be adjusted by glasses or contact lenses. 

Analysts from King's College London took a gander at the movement of waterfalls according to 324 sets of female twins from the Twins UK registry more than 10 years by inspecting photos of the member's lenses that permitted them to examine the level of obscurity of the lens in subtle element. 

Member admission of vitamin C was likewise measured utilizing a sustenance poll. 

They found that those members who had a higher admission of vitamin C were connected with a 33% diminished danger of waterfall movement and had "clearer" lenses after the 10 years than the individuals who had expended less vitamin C as a major aspect of their eating routine. 

The concentrate likewise found that natural variables (counting diet) impacted waterfall more than hereditary components, which just clarified 33% of the adjustment in lens obscurity.