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Motorized DC Treadmill By Fitking

Source : 1   On   30 May 2016
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Fitking, the most trusted fitness equipment brand has recently launched a brand new motorized AC treadmill. The motorized DC treadmill with model number W-596 is a powerful 3 HP AC high insulation motor of speed 1~18 KM/H and power inclination of 1~16%. The treadmill with 4 speed and 4 incline hot keys has belt area 460X2600 MM. The W-596 treadmill by Fitking has 15 pre set programs including 3 users, 1 body fat and 1 manual program. The ergonomically designed ergo handlebar and durable frame structure with shock absorber system for ultimate running experience are the key features of this motorized DC treadmill. Some other specifications of the fitking W-596 DC treadmill are, it comes with exquisite control panel with 5” blue backlit LCD display, speed, distance, time, calorie, pulse incline with USB and MP3 interface and build-in speakers. The additional feature of this motorized DC treadmill is step functioning in which you can calculate total steps you have walked, easy maintenance and lubrication reminder function.

Fitking is the best fitness equipment dealer and supplier in India. Many of the gym equipment or home gym equipment and other workout machines are supplied by Fitking, they are also best dealers of gym equipment. The new motorized DC treadmill W-596 is also the example of its best home use workout machines.