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Not just Vicks 500 and Corex: India has banned 344 drugs

Source : 1   On   16 Mar 2016
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Pfizer said it has stopped the sale of its Corex cough syrup that garnered sales of Rs 176 crore in the nine-month period ended December 31, and said the government’s move will have an adverse impact on it.
The banned medications incorporate the codeine-based cough syrups Phensedyl and Corex. 

Phensedyl, made by U.S. drugmaker Abbott Laboratories, represents around 33% of the Indian cough syrup business sector, and its deals are evaluated to make up more than 3 percent of Abbott's $1 billion India income. Corex is sold by Pfizer Inc. 

Reuters reported last October that Indian controllers were secretly influencing drug firms to better police the offering of prevalent codeine-based cough syrups to handle pirating and enslavement. 

Specialists and general health specialists in India and abroad have cautioned that expanding utilization of anti-toxin mixes in India might add to anti-microbial resistance. India is a specific worry as the piece of the pie of blend medications versus single medications is greater than anyplace on the planet. 

Reuters reported in December how an effective anti-infection mixed drink being showcased in India by a unit of Abbott and numerous other neighborhood organizations did not convey endorsement from the focal government. 

The blend was not endorsed available to be purchased in real markets, for example, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and Australia. 

A few therapeutic specialists said it didn't bode well to endorse the mixed drink for chilly indications. Be that as it may, Abbott's previous and current medicinal agents said the blend was being advanced and regulated as a treatment for a wide assortment of sicknesses, including colds and fevers.