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Prevent diabetes with these three simple lifestyle changes

Source : 1   On   01 Apr 2016
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A healthy lifestyle is all you need to keep type 2 diabetes at bay.
Event of up to 80% of diabetes can be averted or deferred through populace based mediations, for example, general physical activities, eating healthy and keeping up a balanced body weight, health authorities said today. "Basic way of life measures have been appeared to be viable in anticipating or postponing the onset of sort 2 diabetes - accomplish and keep up healthy body weight, be physically dynamic, eat a sound eating regimen and maintain a strategic distance from tobacco use," Henk Bekadam, WHO Representative to India said amid a specialized instructions to declare the topic for World Health Day 2016. 

An expected 69.2 million Indians are diabetics according to the International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2015. Among the populace matured somewhere around 20 and 70 years, 8.7% are assessed to have diabetes. In any case, almost 50% of the populace with diabetes is uninformed about their illness.