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This is how you can protect yourself from toxic colours on Holi

Source : 1   On   22 Mar 2016
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Use natural colours and be alert against harmful ones during Holi celebrations to prevent infections from dampening festive spirits, say doctors.
Ensure that you apply oil generously on your hair and skin, particularly behind the ears, on the ear cartilage and nails and different regions where hues can settle effortlessly. 

"Dry skin permits the chemicals to infiltrate effortlessly, so the oil is defensive. Use coconut oil, olive oil or Vitamin E oil for the body, and mustard oil for hair. Apply it one hour before you go out to play," said dermatologist Dr Deepali Bhardwaj. 

Doctors pushed on the significance of applying a sunscreen. "Utilize a gel-based sunscreen as it should be waterproof. Anything above SPF 26 ought to be great," said Dr Shehla Agarwal, chief, Mehak Skin Clinic. 

Dr Agarwal prompted applying it 30 minutes before going out to play. "Reapply on the off chance that you are out in the sun for over three hours," she said. 

Specialists likewise recommended wearing garments that cover the greater part of the body. "Stay away from overwhelming fabrics, for example, denim that don't dry effectively. Try not to stay in wet garments for over two hours," said Dr Agarwal. 

Likewise, ensure you wear glasses to secure your eyes. It is additionally imperative to cover any open injury with a waterproof band-help so chemicals don't enter the body, specialists said. 

They likewise prompted utilizing hues that can be taken off effortlessly. "Red and pink hues can be uprooted effectively, so attempt to stick to them. The vainglorious ones, for example, purple, green and orange contain more hurtful chemicals," said Dr Agarwal. In the event that compelled to apply perpetual hues or oil, ensure it is connected on a secured part of the body. Abstain from getting it all over, said Dr Bhardwaj.