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Tips to beat the hot summer and continue with your exercise activity

Source : 1   On   03 Jun 2016
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Try not to give the searing warmth a chance to play a spoilsport. The late spring warmth ought not turn into a reason to avoid your activity. From headgear, fabric and even your brassiere, pick the right rigging to beat the warmth amid your wellness administration. Iqbal Nandra, executive of EveryWear and a style master, shares some tips on what will keep you comfortable during workout:

Workout in Light is Always Right:

Specialists prescribe you wear lightweight, light-hued and baggy/consistent clothing. Additionally stay away from dull hues as dim garments ingest the sun's warmth. Lightweight, light colours or white mirror the light and warmth.

Use Headband during Workout:

Be a cool young lady in more routes than one. Search for headbands made of polyester or microfibre that wicks away dampness and keeps your hair set up.

Drink Lots of Water :

When you sweat, your body loses water, as well as electrolytes and salt, as well. This sensitive parity of water and electrolytes is pivotal to keep your body working appropriately. So drink a lot of water.

Sunscreen is Must in Summers:

It's imperative to ensure your skin. You can get blazed and endure sun harm to your skin even on shady days.