Multifuctional Trainer A-3017 A - Series
Multifuctional Trainer A-3017 A - Series
Brand Name : Evost Fitness
Product Code : A-3017
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Key Features:

  • Dual angled pulley system offers 22 easy to adjust positions per column and independent movement of body promoting a wider workout for a variety.
  • Adjustable hand grips and multi position chinning bar for exercise choice.
  • Ergonomics neoprene handle designed for maximum control and efficiency.
  • 5/16” diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and includes a lanyard to prevent loss.

  • Length : 1950 mm.
  • Width : 1040mm.
  • Height : 2350 mm.
  • Machine weight : 345 kg.
  • Weight Stack : 200 kg.
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