Tokuyo TC 290 Massage Chair
Tokuyo TC 290 Massage Chair
Brand Name : Tokuyo
Product Code : TC 290
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Key Features:
A unique massage chair with excellent technique & quality.
Mini Chair Massager
  • It Provides Penetrative Massage Like Kneading, Pounding, Rubbing, Vibration To Your Neck, Shoulders, Back, Waist, Hips And Calves.
  • S-shape Long Track Enables A Massage Length Of Approximately 120cm, Covering Neck, Shoulder, Back, Waist, Hips And Thighs.
  • Rubbing And Air-press Massage To Lower Body Promotes Blood Circulation, Helps Relieve Stiff Aching Muscles Of Waist, Hips And Pressure On Spinal Areas Due To Bad Sitting Posture.
  • Sleek And Space Saving Design Makes It Fit For Every Wall Upright Dimension Is Only Around 2x3.2. Ft. With Only 3 Cm Distance From The Wall.
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