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Fitness Tips For Men & Women
Jan 02, 2019
Have you stopped eating good fats hoping to build your body, then you need to know the importance of fats in building muscles?

Often regarded as a shortcut to flab, foods rich in fats are the first items to be struck off from a muscle building menu. Avoiding fats whenever possible and switching to low-fat version, if you must eat fats has been the traditional approach. However, t...
Jan 02, 2019
Aerobic exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Find out more about aerobic equipment that can help keep you fit.

Millions of Americans walk or run on treadmills or use other types of equipment to get aerobic exercise, and according to the National Sporting Goods Association, they spend billions of dollars every year on home aerobic equipment and gym membership...
Dec 28, 2018
Are you a complete beginner who doesn't know anything about exercise but wants to work on his fitness? Don't worry, you are at the right place. We all start from somewhere, including m,  as a skinny guy 10 years back. Even Mr. Olympia had his first day in the gym when he couldn't even figure out the names of the equipment. Here's some help for a complete beginner.

I am going...
Dec 28, 2018
Before we dive deep into why cardio is actually vital for muscle building, lets understand the basics of energy. Our body's energy currency/source is ATP. 

I'm sure you have heard this word countless number of times, starting from school's science lecture. This ATP can be generated without oxygen (anaerobic) and using oxygen (aerobic) systems. 
Dec 19, 2018
Let's face it: one thing that's so appealing about the machines in a gym is that you can effectively hide on them. Nobody's going to give you a puzzled look or come over and ask, "What body part does that work?" After all, it's written right there on the machine!

But the arena of unique free-weight exercises can be a little intimidating for the self-conscious trainee. T...
Dec 19, 2018
Rest is often overlooked in today’s culture. Understanding how the body works, especially when it comes to working out is important to reaching goals, staying injury free, and being healthy.

The gym is for working out. It is a time to break the body down. Yes, it is true. All you are doing in the gym is breaking the body down. The building comes from the rest and recovery just as...
Dec 07, 2018
Over the last decade, yoga has become one of the most popular workouts in the country. It is definitely one of the most effective, with a good focus on strength, endurance, and mobility that keeps you fit.

But one thing most yoga practitioners will agree with is that it’s not the best for building cardiovascular endurance. While it does encourage better lung and heart function, i...
Nov 30, 2018
Just because you've been working out at the gym for a few months or years, that doesn't make you infallible! Even the most experienced gym-goers make some pretty foolish blunders when they get to thinking they know best.

Here are a few silly gym fails to avoid:

Ignoring the t...
Nov 19, 2018
Tips on Price, Specs, and the Bells and Whistles

A home treadmill can be a great investment, giving you more options for exercise when you're out of time, can't get to the gym, or can't get outside. Using a treadmill in a gym is one thing, but considering one for your home gym is another matter. A good treadmill is expensive and buying one doesn't necessarily mean that you...
Nov 15, 2018
Sleep is not that easy to come by. Maybe you find yourself as one of those individuals that have a hard time sleeping because of time strain or just getting your mind to calm down from a busy day. If you are a gym goer looking to build muscle, lack of sleep can be a hinderance.

When you eat food, our bodies utilize that food for function, and based on our current health status, t...
Oct 17, 2018
Like most people, you probably have to make time to get a workout in and you want to make every minute count.  What you do before a workout, even the day before, can impact the results of your workout whether you’re just trying to get back in shape or are an elite athlete.

To get the most out of your workout, make sure you eat something adequate beforehand and have been drin...
Oct 12, 2018
Powerlifting pros explain whether they'll help your lifts—and pinpoint when you should *never* wear them.

If you've ever been to a CrossFit class or a gym where olympic lifting is taught, you've probably seen weightlifting shoes before. They're colloquially known as Oly shoes, and to the unfamiliar eye, they look like weird platform wedge sneakers. In reality, they're anything bu...
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