FITKING FITNESS is a leading Gym Fitness and Body Building Equipments brand in India since 1995. From the beginning till now fitking is known to be one of the top most manufacturer and suppliers of fitness and gym equipments In India covering all Major Cities and towns including Delhi, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, TamilNadu, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Bangalore . Catering to almost all Fitness Equipment requirements may it be Cardio or Strength.

Our range of fitness products includes body building equipments, commercial gym equipments, home gym fitness equipments, home exercises machines, body fitness equipments, gym fitness equipments, multi gym, 10 station gym equipments, 4 station gym equipments, manual treadmills, motorized treadmills, ac motorised treadmills, cross trainer bikes, home gym, personal trainer, massage chairs, orbitrac bikes, air Exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bike, weight plates, dumbells, yoga mats, motorised treadmills, dc motorised treadmills, exercise Bikes,spin exercise Bikes, orbitrac exercise Bikes,cross trainer exercise bike, eliptical magnetic bike, rowing machine, massagers, Vibrator Massager, X Bike, single station gym,dumbbell / weight plate & rack, multi station gym, aerobic step, gym bench, dumbells, weight plates, spin exercise Bikes, upright exercise Bikes, cross trainers, bench & dumbbell rack, multi functional trainer / crossfit, fitness accessories, porne leg curl, leg extension, seated leg press, butteryfly machine, lateral raise, shoulder press, rear delt / pec fly, vertical press,dip / chin assist, incline press, adjustable crossover, multi functional trainer, rotary torso, abdominal isolator, abductor, seated leg curl, glute isolator, seated dip, seated triceps flat, triceps extension, camber curl, back extension, long pull / long row, vertical row /rear delt, pull down, flat bench, adjustable decline bench, seated bench, multi adjustable bench, olympic dicline bench, olympic incline bench, olympic bench, seated preacher curl, back extension, vertical knees up/dip, power cage, squat rack, olympic seated bench, handle rack, vertical plate tree, barbell rack, leg press, hack slide, incline lever row, seated calf, smith machine, super squat, dumbbell rack, multi functional trainer / crossfit, and many more.
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