Jan 23, 2020
Scared of strength training? Before you shy away from lifting weights for good, check out the myriad of things it can do for your health.

Judy Smith of New York City works out at Uplift Fitness, a women’s-only gym where the classes focus on strength training just as much as calorie-blasting cardio, to boost her bone density while she tones her body. “The cardio is important, obvi...
Dec 26, 2019
Cardio machines are an appropriate complement to a complete weight loss program. But it's important to incorporate other forms of exercise into your life in order to reach an optimal level of workout intensity.

It doesn’t require expert advice from a trained fitness professional to understand that cardiovascular activity is an integral aspect of your overall fitness level. Cardio...
Dec 19, 2019
Muffin top, gut, beer belly—call it whatever you like. Many are able to make the top row of the desirable 6-pack visible, but the dreaded lower abs can be challenging to develop.

You can't necessarily isolate one section of the rectus abdominis muscles, but you can target one area more than another. An effective way to do this is by performing exercises that move the lower body t...
Dec 13, 2019
Avoid these intra-workout no-no's to get the most from your training efforts.

You were able to hit the sack nice and early and get a good night's sleep, allowing you to awaken rested, refreshed, and energetic. You planned out and executed every meal perfectly, eating each right on time, confident that you've consumed optimal amounts of complete protein, high-quality carbs, and he...
Nov 14, 2019
Nothing beats the sweat-dripping rush you get from crushing your cardio workout. Whether you're doing speed work on the treadmill or blasting through a boot camp class, the health benefits you receive from an intense cardio session are endless. They are one of the easiest ways for you to get your heart rate up, burn calories and get fit.  

If you've recently started wor...
Nov 07, 2019

If you're looking to get into better shape, then there's a good chance you spend a lot of your workout time on cardiovascular exercise. After all, cardio is great for getting the heart rate up, burning fat, and increasing overall endurance. However, even if you're not necessarily looking to "get ripped," the fact remains that you should be incorporating at least some strength train...
Oct 17, 2019
Just think of it: Burning nearly 200 calories in a matter of minutes. Wouldn’t such calorie burning workouts be perfect for all those who think there is no time in their busy schedules for exercise?

All you have to do is make some adjustments and include these effective and time-efficient workouts in your regular training routine. Because whether we like to admit it or not, we ca...
Oct 11, 2019
Want to build size, strength, or endurance? Then you need to know how many reps to lift! Here's how to match your goals to the best rep range and weight.

Look around any gym, and you'll see people committing various training mistakes—a guy on the bench press bouncing the bar off his chest, someone doing curls with more motion in his hips than his biceps, another person pressing h...
Sep 19, 2019
You’ll be ripped in no time using these simple, at-home fat-burning exercises

Fortunately, you don’t have to hit the gym or use expensive exercise equipment to do fat-burning exercises from home. Such workouts come in handy when you’re traveling or staying in a hotel, as they don’t require much floor space — and simply use your own body weight for resistance. For best results, co...
Sep 12, 2019
Elliptical machines are sometimes referred to as cross trainers or elliptical trainers. A machine that is stationary and utilized for the purpose of simulating either running or merely walking, elliptical machines do not put as much pressure on your joints when you use them. A direct result of using this machine is that you should be able to cut down on the chance of developing injuries that are of an impact nat...
Sep 04, 2019
Maybe you're a gym rat who loves lifting weights, or a sports nut who participate in leagues, or a cardio queen who can't get enough of the treadmill, or yoga classes. But which one is better for your psychological health?

In the first long-term study of its kind, researchers at The George Washington University School of Public Health compared the psychological health benefits of...
Aug 29, 2019
EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute, says Tony Milgram, level 1 CrossFit trainer at ICE NYC in New York, and it's a popular workout structure in both CrossFit and group fitness classes that involves starting an exercise at the top of every minute.

"They're an interval-based workouts where the goal is to repeat the same number of reps every minute, while also working f...
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