Camber Curl / Tricep Extension E - 1075

  • Intelligent ergonomic design features a preacher curl position with comfortable, auto-adjust hand grips to fit all users. 
  • Variable resistance cam design to regulate the load throughout the exercise to ensure the correct muscles are targeted. 
  • Ergonomics neoprene handle designed for maximum control and efficiency.
  • All adjustments are identified with yellow knobs for easy recognition.
  • 5/16" diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and includes a lanyard to prevent injury.
  • Placards, placed in the most visible position, provide step-by-step instructions, as well as pictures illustrating proper use and muscles targeted.
  • Hand grips secured in place with aluminum collars, comprised of an extruded rubber compound that is non absorbing and wear resistant.
Length: 1430 mm.
Width: 1000 mm.
Height: 1630 mm.
Machine Weight: 260 kg.
Weight Stack: 110 kg.

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