Motorised DC Treadmill W 586 DC Motorised Treadmill
Motorised DC Treadmill W 586 DC Motorised Treadmill
Brand Name : Fitking
Product Code : W 586
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Key Features:
  • Powerful 3 HP DC High Insulation Motor.
  • Speed: 1~18 Km/h.
  • 4 Speed Hot Keys.
  • 3 Position Manual Incline.
  • Belt Area: 450 X 2750m m.
  • 8 Pre-set Programs 8 Levels, 1 Body Fat And 1 Manual program with Self Lubricating Running Deck System.
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle Bar And Durable Running Frame Structure With Shock Absorbers Having 4 pcs. Grey Cushion & 2 pcs. Air Cushion For Ultimate Running Experience.
  • Exquisite Control Panel With 17.78 cm.(7") Blue LCD Displaying Speed, Distance, Time, calorie, And Pulse..
  • Easy Navigation Console Panel and Ergonomically Designed Ergo Handle Bar.
  • Great Entertainment With Built In Mp3 speaker, USB Charger And I Pad / Smart Phone Holder.
  • Foldable Treadmill With Soft Drop Lowering System & In Buit Mobile Wheels For Convenient Shifting.

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