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Evost Fitness Multi Functional Trainer / Cross fit
Nov 24, 2016

Evost Fitness Multi Functional Trainer / Cross fit
The Fitness Multi Functional Trainer resembles to the core machine to get fit and healthy with Evost strength series. As the name infers, it is a multi-useful machine for an entire body workout. It can be utilized for many distinctive activities, extending from restoration to games particular applications and is a standout among the most essential and adaptable link machines accessible.

The Evost Fitness Multi Functional Trainer joins two customizable arms, which oblige high/low preparing positions. The capacity to prepare at any speed and with no effect results to make it for a wide range of utilizations. With its space-sparing plan, the unit is accessible with or without a base. (Units without base must be blasted straightforwardly and safely to the floor.)

The Evost Fitness Multi Functional Trainer highlights two flexible arms, which can be balanced for all intents and purposes any preparation position. Every pulley swings autonomously of the machine to coordinate the line of draw. Notwithstanding it’s as of now space-sparing outline, the unit can either remain solitary or be floor mounted.

Multi Functional Trainer E-360 XM Multi Functional Trainer / Crossfit permits you to have opportunity of development in any heading or plane while performing weight resistance works out. These unhindered activities are intended to move the way your body actually moves. A significant number of the unsupported activities consolidate core, secondary, and stabilizing muscles, giving you a more effective workout.

The Multi Functional Trainer E-360 XM Multi Functional Trainer / Crossfit is an astounding preparing machine for competitors intrigued by game particular practice developments or for individuals looking to strengthen their general bodies, increment stamina and coordination or get thinner. Some specification of the gym gear:
  • Width: 3500 mm.
  • Height: 2560 mm.
  • Total weight: 1200 kg.
  • Length: 5200 mm.



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