If there was ever a reason to build yourself a home gym, the current state of social distancing and home quarantine is it. Investing in fitness you can manage while at home is a positive way to deal with not being able to go to your normal gym, fitness class or group activity. While this situation won't last forever, the equipment you choose will be a longterm investment in your health, wellbeing and fitness. 

TRX cables
TRX stands for total body resistance exercises and the easy-to-set-up cables provide just that. Using the suspension cables to perform training builds balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

Punching Bag
The best way to work off the stress and anxiety you may be feeling by the current state of the world is to punch and kick as hard and fast as you can. 

Box Jump
A box jump is just what it sounds like, a sturdy box you can jump on and off. Use this fixture to build explosive power. 

Jump Rope
Don't discount this gym class staple. A simple jump rope will challenge coordination, heart rate and agility. 

Adjustable Free Weights
Your gym might have a full rack of options, but at home, you need to save space. Picking only one or two weights can put too much stress on some muscle groups leading to injury or not provide enough stimulus for others, stalling progress. Getting a set that has a range of weights will be the most usable. 

Power System Gliding Discs
These small discs can be stored anywhere, making them a great option for small apartment living. Just put your hands or feet on them and take your planks, climbers and push-ups to an intense level. 

Bosu Ball
Essentially one half of a balance ball on a platform, this tool can be used to make almost any move more difficult by creating a less stable environment and challenging your balance and supporting muscles, allowing you to improve and progress. Place one foot on it to do lunges or flip it over to do push-ups—the options are endless. 

No matter your health or fitness goals, walking is a sure way to improve. Having your own treadmill provides you with plenty of options when time is tight, weather doesn't cooperate or you're just plain stuck inside. You can walk, run or do intervals all at your own pace and even while watching TV without worry of traffic, daylight or that person waiting impatiently to steal your machine at the gym. 

Smart Trainer
Sure, you could get a Peloton or other stationary bike, but a trainer allows you to turn your real bike into an indoor ride. The smart aspect allows you to have a smoother ride, power analysis and connect to virtual training apps to get the best results from your cycling, even when parked in the garage or basement. 

This sleek, innovative mirror claims to be the ultimate at-home fitness tool by being able to both display a move, adjust workouts based on goals and preferences, play music, provide life feedback and track metrics such as heart rate. This is not a thrifty purchase, but on the bright side, there is research to say that if you spend money on fitness, you're more likely to make progress. 

Personal Trainer
Bonus suggestion! We can't really call this a piece of equipment, but nothing will keep you motivated to use your home equipment like a personal trainer. These individuals are well trained in moves you can do anywhere and will create workout plans based on the equipment available to you. Right now, many are taking on home-based or virtual on-on-one client sessions to assist you in keeping your training goals going while gyms are shut down. 

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