People who hit the gym understand their obsession with cardio. Even on a busy day, they manage to take out a minimum of 20-25 minutes for their cardio session. It is probably because it gets them in the mood for what follows after. More than that, cardiovascular exercises have many benefits that must be spoken of:

1.    Cardio helps increase your metabolism. It not only makes your heartbeat fast but also gives a boost to the other processes that take place in your body. Just to put it in perspective, an increased metabolism rate helps manage and control weight issues.

2.    In case you have been indulging in heavy lifting sessions or hardcore abs workout regime, a light cool down session, maybe on the treadmill or on the elliptical, can help you with recovering from most of the fatigue. It calms you down and helps provide a gentle relief to your muscles.

3.    A good cardio session helps in making your mood better. Once you are running or jogging or doing a high intensity cardio session, your body secretes hormones that help fight anxiety. Also, isn’t it obvious that you ought to feel better once you have successfully completed your cardio workout even after all the whining and crying?

4.    We all love our bed and guess what? Cardiovascular exercises helps you sleep better. People suffering from insomnia or stress must definitely try walking or jogging at least 5 days a week to see a difference in their sleep pattern and quality.

5.    It helps you lose weight and makes you fit! This is obvious, is it not?

Some here are some effective cardiovascular exercises that you can do at the gym!