This article discusses the importance of rest to the body, especially in how it relates to working out, and recovery. Most people don’t see the reason to alter their workout routine and rest. They think that when they are consistently doing vigorous physical exercises or training they will get quick results. Contrary to their beliefs, exercising all day is the gravest mistake anybody can do because it brings more harm than good. In fact, taking a break from your regular workout plan to rest is as important as having a break from your daily chores. Below are some important reasons why you need to plan your workout to rest.

1. To give your muscle time to recover
If you didn’t know, over training could kill your muscles completely. When you do strenuous activities or exercise without resting, you rupture and tear your muscles. So having a break from your workout creates room for your muscles to heal. During the resting period, your muscle also gets time to become stronger than before. Always set resting time when you are building your workout routine to give room for torn muscles to heal and get stronger than before.

2. Workout without rest interferes with your menstrual cycle
I have seen women who spend long hours in the gym to stop getting their periods; little do they know that menstrual cycle is an important process in the female hormonal system. Doctors say that having regular menstrual cycles is a sign that important parts of your body are working normally. It provides the body with important hormones that keep the body healthy. Trying to stop your menstrual cycle is equivalent to trying to make your body unhappy.

3. It ruins your social life
As the common adage say, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, so is your workout plan. Sticking to a workout plan without skipping some time to rest may ruin your social life. You need to establish a healthy balance between keeping your body fit and maintaining your social life. Sticking to your workout plan bring better results, but make sure it doesn’t interfere with things that make you happy. If you think visiting your friend’s birthday or going for mountain hiking would keep you happy, there is no harm skipping a day or so away from the gym.

4. It affects your immune system
A healthy immune system is vital if you don’t want to get sick. I have seen many people who spend long hours in the gym trying to fight off colds and flu all the time. When you are spending long hours in the gym without rest, your body energy continue to deplete. If you don’t have enough energy, getting over a virus can prove to be difficult. As much as you may want to get good results by sticking to a tight workout plan, it is important to find time to rest after your workout to allow your body to regain energy. If you think that you are over-exhausted and that rest cannot help you at the moment, you can use energy supplements to get your spark back.

5. You can get overtired and affect your sleep
Controlled exercise can keep you energized and healthier. However, regular exercise without a break can deplete your energy level and make you tired all the time. This is why having a good pre workout that doesn’t have a lot of caffeine is so important to your health. In my opinion the best pre workout is from Progenex since the caffeine is minimal but it gives me a boost. If your body is super sore or struggling to stay awake more in the afternoon, then it is time to listen to your body and rest. When you are overtired, it means your energy level is depleted. Also when your energy level is depleted, your sleep can get affected in one way or the other. Sleep is essential when building your workout plan as it prevents you from burning the weight off.

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