While the COVID pandemic has motivated many to be productive and become healthier versions of themselves, there’s still a significant portion of people who prefer the comfort of their homes more than anything. 

But you know what? That’s totally fine. You are trying to survive a global pandemic and are still going strong and that's what counts. 

But now, you want to start working out again and find yourself clueless as to where to start. We get you, hear you, and have your back. 

Whether it’s a gym plan you’re going for or a nighttime workout routine, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are 5 tips to help you start working out again after a break:

1. Planning
The first thing that you might want to do before you dive back into your fitness grind is to plan out what your routine will be like. Doing too much can be overwhelming. So, take one step at a time.

If you want to work out in a gym, make sure you do your research and book one in time. Adding gym gears to your home-workout-collection might also seem like a good idea as it’ll help you socially distance yourself more. 

As you plan, do make sure to think about your habits, goals and schedule, and go from there.

2. Beginner Exercises
Understand that you aren’t going to be as fit as you were before and you need to take it slow here. Have your basics down and start with warming up your body. Stretching and yoga are the best options to do that. 

Stretching is especially important when you’re getting back into a fitness routine. This will not only help you get going but also prevent muscle fatigue and fitness injuries.

3. Active Passive Rest Days
Taking days off exercising is perhaps as important as stretching if not more. Helping your body get used to the exercising regime gives your muscles time to recover. 

Be sure to schedule rest days in your routine. Choose your active rest days according to what fits you well. Listen to your body when deciding when’s the best time to take a break. 

Having a good night’s sleep also ensures that your body has time a repair and replenish. Here’s when a bottle of lavender essential oil, sleeping sprays and a good pillow are in order.

4. Healthy Diet
Gone are the days when dieting meant eating less. We’re now well aware that it’s about right. Having a well-balanced diet catering to what you need is important to not only staying fit but for your exercising plan as well. 

While it is important to have those fun cheat days as well, it's great to have a diet plan you don’t need to cheat on. 

Dry fruits, green tea and dark chocolate are healthy and easy options you can go for. While you do that, remember to not get lost in the world of protein and have your micronutrients catalyse the breakdown of your food.

5. Set Goals and Rewards
When setting goals, be realistic and make it easier in the start to help you ease in. Challenge yourself to make working out a habit and part of your daily habits again. 

By having it broken down into smaller time frames, it won’t feel so overwhelming. 

Then make sure to reward yourself, say with a pair of sneakers you have been eyeing for so long or nutritive snacks when you do reach your goals.

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