• Posted on Apr 30, 2020

One of the most common fitness equipment that is seen all across is the treadmill. Off lately, the presence of a Fitking cross trainer is also increased compared to the traditional treadmill. The question that many ask in the first shot is ‘How many calories are burnt?’ These two cardio machines are expected to offer great cardiovascular exercises and help you go a long way. However, they have their own comfort zones and some negative aspects as well. By the end of this article, we would have made it clear to you but what you need to know is that both machines burn calories in the 700 to 775 calories and the treadmill goes a little further and offers a calorie burning of 705 to 866 calories for an hour’s usage. The Fitking machines are growing in popularity apart from the reputation that they have already maintained and Grand Slam Fitness offers you easy access to their machinery.


Treadmills offer variation. For instance, you can walk or run and while running you can even run uphill. Programmed treadmills also offer training programs which keep you up and running for a specific calorie goal. You can even control the speed you walk or run at and can push yourself a lot more.

Treadmills have been here for a long time and it now feels natural as we get up on one such machine and work with it. Running, jogging or walking feel a bit more natural on this machine.

On a treadmill, all body movements come into the picture and that would need more efforts. Due to this, working on a treadmill burns calories at a higher rate.

Treadmills make your bones stronger as they take all the weight of your body and the forces it encounters and put it into place. They are also well researched as they have been around for decades.

– It could be a little tough on the joints. A warm-up is always advised.

Running on incline modes can be risky if you do not possess the skill to do so. Having the right posture while running is also a very important factor.

Cross Trainer

You start to be in a running motion on the cross trainer without actually running. This would mean that your bones and joints are safe from injuries compared to the treadmill.
– You tend to move your upper and lower body simultaneously which helps in making it a full body workout.

– Most cross trainers would let you reverse the direction which gives your quads something to work for.
You tend to work harder than you realize. The art of this machinery is to make you feel less exerted.
It is less dynamic compared to a treadmill as you can hardly make a difference by adjusting any of the parameters present on it.

Your bones may not make the most of the work out as they hardly take any body weight compared to the treadmill.

A Cross Trainer or a Treadmill, it all comes down to you. While the cross trainer is better for full body workouts, the treadmill is a mean machine and is tough on your joints. For a first-timer, the cross trainer might just seem easier to operate than a treadmill. No matter what your pick is, remember to just make the most of it since the machinery from Fitking is never going to let you down.

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