Most people are aware of the other health benefits of exercises but they are not aware that exercising regularly and sleep are closely related to each other. A survey report published in the year 2017 shows that exercises help people to sleep better. The report adds that it is very helpful to those suffering from sleep disorders and the elderly who have sleep issues. Are you struggling to get a good sleep? You should exercise regularly and see for yourself if it really helps. There is no hard and fast rule for exercising. You can exercise outdoors or you can buy total body exercise equipment from gym equipment suppliers and use it to exercise. 

How exercises help to sleep better

Secretion of sleep hormones

Melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep. Regular exercising in the morning, not only kick starts your body but also your brain. It stimulates your brain to stimulate melatonin in the evening. If you cannot do heavy exercises, don’t worry. Simple low intensity exercises are enough to get good sleep. There are many indoor exercise gym equipment. You can contact gym equipment suppliers and get simple exercise equipment for low intensity workouts. 

Improves mood
Your mood affects your sleep. When you feel stressed, depressed or irritable you may not be able to sleep well. Exercises induce the secretion of endorphin, serotonin and dopamine that are also called as happy hormones. When the production of happy hormone is enhanced, your mood improves. When you are free from stress, anxiety and depression, you will be able to sleep well. 

Helps in weight loss
One of the main reasons for snoring and sleep disorders like sleep apnea is obesity. Exercising regularly will help in losing weight. Outdoor exercises or indoor exercises with total body exercise equipment will help in weight loss will help you to sleep without snoring and sleep apnea etc. 

How to do and what to do for getting good sleep? 
Make sure you complete your workouts at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. Working out just before going to bed will affect your sleep. Exercising increases your core body temperature. Your body needs at least an hour to cool down. The decrease in body temperature helps in inducing sleep. 

The best time is to work out in the early morning. In the mornings you can go for running, weight lifting, and vigorous workouts or indoor workouts with total body exercise equipment. If you have no time in the morning and if you can exercise only in the evening, avoid strenuous physical exercises. Go for low-intensity activities like yoga and walking etc. You can also simple exercises with exercise equipment in your home.

You should exercise regularly and follow a workout plan if you want to enjoy the sleep benefits of exercising. You should exercise at least 30 minutes a day and five days a week. 

Sound sleep is important to stay physically and mentally healthy and to improve your focus and memory. Make sure you exercise regularly to get enough sleep. You can work out in your home without stepping out of its comforts. Call gym equipment suppliers and get the right exercise equipment that you love to do.

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