Gym rated exercise equipment is exponentially more comfortable and durable than home fitness equipment. While fitness equipment rated for home usage may look appealing cosmetically, as well as financially, the truth remains that the overwhelming majority of residential exercise equipment isn't well built when its compared to the commercial fitness equipment seen in gyms and health clubs such as Gold's Gym or 24 Hour Fitness. Understandably, far more people purchase home fitness equipment than commercial fitness equipment due to the fact that gym equipment is bulkier, heavier and far more expensive than smaller, lighter, residential fitness equipment.

Although gym equipment is far more costly than home fitness equipment, one has to fully comprehend and understand the the tangible benefits that commercial rated gym gear holds over residential fitness products. Advantages held by gym equipment but not shared with home fitness include premium bio-mechanics, a greater structural integrity, higher mechanical capacities, the latest digital enhancements and a stylish focus on the design.

Here are a few of the reasons that purchasing gym equipment for your home is better than impulse buying a cheap $500 treadmill off of the Home Shopping Network.

1.) Premium Bio-Mechanics: If one feels comfortable on their workout equipment, they will look forward to using it and exercising for an hour actually becomes enjoyable. Feeling comfortable on the workout equipment that you use is essential, which is why there is so much time and effort that takes place during the innovative and developmental process during the creation of new fitness equipment. There is more analytic and comprehensive approach that goes into the manufacturing of premium exercise equipment than smaller, and lighter workout gear which is built for home usage. There is an abundant amount of over-hyped, mechanically flawed and electronically handicapped workout equipment, flooding the fitness industry via the internet, infomercials and other forms of advertising. Gimmicky pieces of workout equipment appear to be great deals on the surface due to low prices and high promises, however, lightweight and low budget fitness equipment have a high rate of breakdowns and returns.

2.) More Structural Integrity: Elliptical trainers and other gym equipment that is rated for daily usage in health clubs, have certain features that home exercise equipment does not. For example, commercial grade workout equipment has the fantastic quality of being mechanically able to withstand the wear and tear from users of up to 400 pounds and more. If you go to your local sporting good store or workout equipment dealer, you will notice that the majority of the treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines there, will not have user weight capacities that exceed 200 pounds, let alone 400 pounds. Thicker steel gauge framework, along with heavier parts and bigger footprints, allow for health club rated fitness machines to last much longer than home fitness equipment.

3.) Latest Technology: Programming and user statistical feedback such as Heart Rate, Calories Burned and other informative stats are more complete and user friendly on gym equipment than home fitness equipment. Low grade fitness products do not come with enhanced technology such as custom workout programs. Therefore, the amount of creative programmability and user feedback on low budget, lightweight and smaller fitness equipment is far less than that of exercise equipment rated for gym usage.

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