• Posted on Dec 07, 2018

Working with a personal trainer is the best way to make real, quantifiable progress at the gym. Not only will they help you to push yourself harder, but they can create challenges and routines that will help you avoid boredom and get the most out of your workout.

But sometimes a relationship with your trainer doesn’t last long. How can you know when it’s time to hire a new trainer? Here are a few signs:

1. They are inappropriate with you.

There are certain boundaries of etiquette and interpersonal relationships that trainers and coaches should never cross with their trainees. It’s normal for a trainer to get physical in order to help you, but if they start to get a bit too free with their hands or body, it’s a sign that things are getting out of hand. The same for if they make odd, inappropriate comments on your body or form. If they cross the line, it’s time to change!

2. They are often distracted.

There are some distractions to be expected — after all, trainers have other clients and a life outside the gym. However, if your trainer spends your entire workout session on the phone, chatting with a buddy, or working with another client, it’s clear that they’ve lost the passion for training you. Time to switch things up.

3. They’re not there when you’re working out.

You may have started working with your current trainer because he/she was around when you hit the gym, but what happens when your or their schedule changes? If they’re no longer at the gym when you’re there, you’ll want to work with a trainer that is present.

4. They stop investing time and effort into your workouts.

You’re paying trainers (good money, too!) because they’re investing their time and effort into your routines. Not just working with you in the moment, but crafting new workout plans, thinking about what you can do to improve your workouts, and trying to find creative ways to push you to work. If their training sessions are getting lackluster and repetitive, they may have lost interest in training you.

5. They’re not really as expert as they claim.

When you’re a total noob at the gym, you may have no idea how good or bad a trainer is at their job. But over the months and years of regular gym sessions, you’ll get a pretty good feel for the trainer’s expertise. If they’re nothing more than "gym-bros" who just happen to be really fit but don’t have a proper understanding of fitness science, it may be time to switch to a trainer that really does have the expertise you want.

6. They don’t communicate with you.

Communication is the key to success, in the gym as much as anywhere else. They need to communicate with you on all sorts of things: your schedules, your routines, your form, your workout load, and so on. If they just give you the workout routine and walk away, they’re not doing their job properly. Time to switch!

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