Massages have long since been recognized, even since ancient and medieval times, to enhance bodily function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

In this fast paced, increasingly stressful, anxious times, a good massage has become a great means to relieve tension and back pain. Unfortunately, in today's hard-charging, fast-paced environment, a therapeutic massage is not always convenient or available. Luckily, an electronic substitute is now also available that may enable one to experience some of the benefits of the human touch from the comforts of their own home, the massage chair.

Many thought of massage chairs as a luxury item. Though, a massage chair is certainly not a necessity for everyday living, or for relieving back pain and neck pain, for some, there are benefits that a massage chair brings that may outweigh the price.

Though both good hands-on massage and massage chair can help in alleviating back pain and provide relaxation, the portability of the massage chair, the absence of the need for person-to-person interaction, getting a massage in the privacy of home, along with convenience and time efficiency, are the main reasons why some people prefer a massage chair as a potential means to ease their back pain.

According to a comprehensive research, data revealed that there are three central reasons why massage chair is beneficial.

First, a massage chair like those massage chairs in Sydney can improve blood flows. The manipulation of the muscles during a massage can help to dilate the blood vessels throughout your body, which can result in increased blood flow. The increase in blood flow can then facilitate the circulation and absorption of nutritional elements and increase nourishment and fluid exchange between those muscles and tissues, which in turn revitalizes the massaged area.

A chair massage can also increase flexibility. The kneading and stretching action of the chairs help loosen tight and strained muscles. This then allows muscles to relax as well.

Finally, a chair massage also increases the release of happy hormones (endorphins). The benefit of relaxation massage stimulates the release of the body's feel-good chemicals that run through the body called endorphins. The increase in endorphin levels has been correlated with quicker recovery, reduced pain and levels of stress and anxiety and leveling emotions out.

Though, in general, any type of massage is non-invasive and considered very low risk. However, there are health factors to consider before using a massage chair such as if you have an infectious disease, rashes, unhealed or open wound; undergone any surgery just recently; recent fracture or any broken bone; circulatory ailments and recent chemotherapy or other radiation therapy. Since the chairs work to knead the soft tissues and muscles, this might cause further irritations or further pain when on the affected parts.

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