Some Effective Workout for Your Chest, Arms, and Back
Jun 28, 2018

Some Effective Workout for Your Chest, Arms, and Back
Get tank top ready with this upper-body workout for the chest, arms, and back.

We're just weeks away from spring, and you know what that means. Breaking out the tank tops, short sleeves, and ultimately, showing more skin. There's still time to whip your upper body into shape with a few good shoulder exercises and great arm workouts. Practice a little diligence and throw some free weights into your routine to speed up toning and blast unwanted fat. (See 9 Reasons Every Woman Should Lift Weights and 9 Benefits of Using Free Weights for more reasons why dumbbells are the bomb.)

Get your triceps tight and chiseled by April using these moves from Grokker. This upper-body dumbbell workout is designed to target your arms, back, and chest, all in a quick 20 minutes. Using a combination of presses, curls, and rows, this workout hits every muscle—big and small—for optimal calorie-burning and muscle-building all at once. Join John Godfrey in this Grokker Premium Video for his Total Strength series.

Fitness Workout Details

Equipment: Exercises mat and a heavy and a light dumbbells

5-minute warm-up
8-minute workout
4-minute cool-down

Workout: Perform each of the following exercises for between 8 to 10 reps

  • Bent-over row to single-arm row
  • Lying press to single-arm press
  • Military press to single-arm military press
  • Standing fly to front raises
  • Standing triceps extension
  • Dumbbell curl
  • Upright row
  • In-line bent-over row
  • Chest fly
  • Lying swimmers
  • Overhead shoulder raises
  • Split-stance lean-overs
  • Racing drivers
  • Bent-over kickbacks
  • Standing biceps curl 21s



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