The performer can do a shoulder squeeze work out in the form of best plate press exercise that is weight plate pizza press. Also, rather than utilizing a barbell or dumbells, you're going to utilize a solitary weight plate. Clearly this puts confinements on how much weight you can utilize, however it is observed that 45 lbs to be sufficient, because of the way of the work out.

To utilize a 45 lb plate, you ought to have the capacity to handle no less than 70 lb dumbells on the dumbell shoulder press. If you can do 50's, begin with a 35 lb plate. On the off chance that you can do 35's, run with a 25 lb plate. On the off chance that you can do under 35's, begin with a 10 lb plate.
You'll be doing this practice in a standing position. Reach down and get the plate around the lip with your left hand. Lift it up and put the PALM of your right hand on the smooth BOTTOM face. You need to make sure you're setting your hand on the smooth, level face to expand the impact of this work out. Make certain to watch the video (connect underneath) to see precisely how to get the plate into position.

Be cautious with this work out! Since you're not holding anything the odds of the plate moving around are more. So does this one light the first to get an idea of what you're doing? Then you can move up in weight. You can easily perform this exercise to get good shoulder muscles. For better results one need to use good quality gym equipment like performer can use Fitking weight plates for better performance.

When you're finished with one arm, snatch the lip of the plate with your free hand and swing it withdraw to the ground. Switch hands, getting your left hand under the base of the plate this time.

Normal ERRORS:

1. utilizing too heavy of a weight plate
This practice requires finger quality and adjusts. On the off chance that you go too substantial, you won't have the capacity to appropriately adjust the plate. Begin lighter than you might suspect you'll have to and climb from that point!

2. Giving the weight plate a chance to plate tilt excessively
It can be difficult to keep your palm level through the whole movement however give a valiant effort. On the off chance that you let the plate tilt excessively, it'll make the plate harder to control - we don't need that pizza sliding off and we unquestionably don't need the weight plate falling!


1. Keep the non-working arm out to the side
This will help with adjust - keeping your non-working arm out the side will work to offset the weight plate on your working side.

2. Keep your fingers flexed/bowed
It's essential not to let your fingers spread out level on the base of the weight plate. On the off chance that they go level, you'll lose control of the plate. Keeping your fingers flexed permits you to control the weight plate utilizing finger weight.


Using fitking Weight Plate for Pizza Press is a brilliant practice for hitting the shoulders in an exceptionally interesting manner. The balancing out components required by the practice put an entire diverse kind of strain on the shoulders (and the hands!). It's an extraordinary alternative when you would prefer not to do barbell and dumbbell bear squeezing.

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